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Graduate medical education in trauma and genitourinary reconstruction at Mayo Clinic

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Mayo Clinic's Department of Urology in Rochester, Minnesota, emphasizes hard work, collaboration, and forward-thinking while striving to uphold Mayo Clinic's philosophy the needs of the patient come first. It's our goal to train leaders and the next generation of world-class reconstructive urologists who are uniquely skilled in multiple facets of urologic reconstruction.

The Trauma and Genitourinary Reconstruction Fellowship program is committed to your education through daily clinical education, weekly academic instruction through journal clubs and conferences, and support of academic career development through ample research opportunities and travel to professional meetings. Our 1:1 mentorship model ensures you get the opportunity to learn and work alongside experts in both clinical and research settings.


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Program highlights

  • Clinical year consisting of six sequential eight- to nine-week rotations with fellowship-trained reconstructive urologists, allowing for an individualized experience working alongside experts with in-depth knowledge of all facets of reconstructive urology.
  • Rotations designed for a condensed experience and advanced training in procedures, pathologies, and case management including open and advanced robotic reconstruction of male urethral stricture disease, genitourinary fistula, ureteral stricture disease, and male stress urinary incontinence and erectile dysfunction after treatment of prostate cancer.
  • In-depth exposure and training involving complex multi-disciplinary genitourinary reconstruction and cancer survivorship.
  • Experience and competency in the surgical management of patients with neurogenic bladder, spinal cord injury, and gender-affirming surgery.
  • Research support through funding, robust statistical support, database management, and travel to regional and national meetings to present research data.
  • Uninterrupted time to train and work alongside our reconstructive faculty.
  • Following the development of the necessary skillset in reconstructive cases, there may be opportunities for autonomy and teaching other learners.
  • Global health opportunities are available to reconstructive fellows.
Video: See yourself at Mayo Clinic


Video: See yourself at Mayo Clinic

Trauma and Genitourinary Reconstruction Fellowship doctor performing surgery in an operating room.

Your training experience

As a fellow at Mayo Clinic, you'll have access to robust clinical, educational, and research resources. You'll find support both inside and outside of the campus to promote physical and mental wellness and ensure your work/life balance.

Boyd Viers, M.D.

Program history

The Trauma and Genitourinary Reconstruction Fellowship program is a participating institution with the Society of Genitourinary Reconstructive Surgeons (GURS).

The academic year 2023-2024 is the inaugural year of Mayo Clinic's Trauma and Genitourinary Reconstruction Fellowship program in Rochester, Minnesota.

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