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Alumna Songs

These are the words to the alma maters for Kahler School of Nursing and Methodist-Kahler School of Nursing. Sheet music is distributed, as these songs are sung at each annual meeting.

Kahler Alma Mater

Each hope, each strife, each care of the day

Ne'er ends with the setting sun

But keeps moving us on and up the great way,

That's the trust of the Purple and Gray.


Kahler Alma Mater, we'll always love and honor, trust, and obey.

Kahler Alma Mater, we shall preserve each mem'ry day by day

You have tried us, found us true,

What we are, we owe to you, Kahler Alma Mater.

May God bless you.

Words and music by Ethel Lyrenmann '30

Methodist-Kahler Alma Mater

Hail to thee our Alma Mater!

Ever true and with devotion,

Now we sing to you our praises

Love and admiration.

Loyalty we give to you

Our Methodist-Kahler School,

Solemnly we pledge ourselves

to thee our Alma Mater.