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A bronze replica of the Kahler cap, designed by Lyla Olson, is located in the lobby of Mayo Clinic Hospital — Rochester, Methodist Campus.

The nurse's cap was derived from the nun's habit and developed over time into two types — a long cap that covers much of the nurse's hair, and a short cap that sits atop the nurse's hair.

Three months after entry into the Kahler and Methodist-Kahler nursing programs, students received their caps during the capping ceremony.

This traditionally marked the beginning of clinical work and wearing of the nursing uniform.

Lyla M. Olson, a graduate of the Anchor Hospital School of Nursing, designed the Kahler cap.

A bronze replica of the cap is located in the lobby of Mayo Clinic Hospital, Methodist Campus. It was a gift from the Methodist-Kahler Alumni Association in 1986 to the Methodist-Kahler School of Nursing commemorating the school "Serving Humanity" for 52 years.