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Histology Technician Program (Arizona, Florida and Minnesota)

Histology technician working with tissue sample

Histotechnology training at Mayo Clinic

The Histology Technician Program at Mayo Clinic offers one of the best histology technician training options in the nation. Within just nine months, your training will walk you through the technique and artistry of how to embed, cut, stain and prepare a tissue sample for review under a microscope.

Program highlights:

  • A flexible program with an online, blended curriculum combined with in-person training lab sessions and clinical rotations.
  • Training experiences at one of the largest lab systems in the world, yet exposure to a variety of smaller, more specialized labs.
  • A program that focuses on hands-on training where you’ll work with thousands of samples before you even graduate!

Our training is focused on developing Mayo Clinic's future workforce — meaning that after graduation, if students are the right candidates and positions are available, many graduates go on to work at Mayo Clinic directly out of training. However, you can be confident you’ll be fully prepared for your first day on the job, wherever that may be.

Lara Hall

Student stories

I went into histology because I’ve always excelled in science and had a yearning to help others, but also love being creative. I originally went to college for art and design, and histology allows me to use my artsy side as well as my analytical side. Mayo Clinic has helped me achieve my goals with the different niches within the histology environment. It gives you the chance to focus on what you need to work on and learn by doing.

Lara Hall, HTL(ASCP)
Lara was able to apply her love for art and science into a career and is now a histology technician in the Mayo Clinic histology lab in Arizona

Mayo Clinic campus in Phoenix, Arizona.
Campus and community

Phoenix/Scottsdale, AZ

Mayo Clinic campus in Jacksonville, Florida.
Campus and community

Jacksonville, FL

Mayo Clinic campus in Rochester, Minnesota.
Campus and community

Rochester, MN

A day in the life

Histology technician

A day in the life

Explore what a histology technician does

Histology technicians are responsible for preparing microscope slides for a pathologist to review. Using a variety of techniques and equipment, they prepare thin slices of human, animal or plant tissue to make abnormalities visible with a microscope. The identification and understanding of diseases such as cancer would not be possible without their role in health care.

Accreditation information

The Histology Technician Program is an accredited training program.

Program mission, values and goals

Mission statement

Our commitment is to develop bright, ambitious future leaders in the field of histotechnology, proven through outstanding academic achievement and highly proficient technical aptitude.


The Histology Technician Program offers an unparalleled educational experience by consistently providing a high-quality histology curriculum in a blended learning format.

Values and goals

We believe:

  • A high-quality histologic product is a critical component to an accurate patient diagnosis
  • A community of educators is necessary to provide a broad learning experience and address the individual needs of the learner
  • Collaboration is important for successful growth and development of the student
  • Everyone in our diverse learning environment has an equal voice and must be treated with dignity
  • Every student has the capacity to succeed and demonstrate professional excellence
  • Experiential learning is necessary to increase knowledge and clarify meaning
  • Innovation and technology enhance the educational experience


  • Excellence: To deliver the best patient outcomes through knowledge and technical aptitude
  • Commitment to quality: To deliver the highest quality histologic product to each and every patient sample
  • Innovation: To further advance the field of histology through the use of creative reasoning and cutting-edge technology
  • Professionalism: To exemplify the histology technician's professional role in the health care system and society
  • Mutual respect: To treat everyone with dignity and advance cultural awareness
  • Teamwork: To value the contributions of all and promote collaboration among medical professionals
  • Integrity: To adhere to the highest standards of professionalism, ethics and personal responsibility
  • Lifelong learning: To dedicate oneself to continuing education and ongoing technical skill development

Accreditation information

The Histology Technician Program is accredited by the National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences (NAACLS).

National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences
5600 N. River Road, Suite 720
Rosemont, IL 60018-5119
Phone: 773-714-8880


For further details, see the accreditation information for Mayo Clinic School of Health Sciences.