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Occupational Therapy Hand Fellowship (Minnesota)

Application Process

Anatomical model of a hand


Mayo Clinic School of Health Sciences admits two candidates on a competitive basis each year to the Occupational Therapy Hand Fellowship. The program begins in March of each year.

How to apply

Your application and all supporting documentation must be received between June 15-Sept. 15.

You must apply through ApplyYourself, a third-party application service.

  1. Online application. Complete the online Application for Admission.
    • Select the Application for Admission (not Lite Application) and then follow the process on the left-hand side of the screen.
    • Submit three letters of recommendation. Deliver the recommendation form (found on the ApplyYourself application) to each evaluator, who should each send the completed form to
    • Complete the essay questions for the Occupational Therapy Hand Fellowship. Contact to obtain this PDF document, and send the completed document back to
    • Send your official occupational therapy program transcript to
  2. Application review. The Occupational Therapy Hand Fellowship selection committee carefully reviews each application. Applicants are evaluated by the committee based on these criteria:

    • Academic education and degrees obtained
    • Clinical education and mentoring experiences
    • Clinical experience specific to hand occupational therapy
    • Research experience
    • Community service
    • Letters of reference

    Candidates with strong leadership and interpersonal skills and an interest in lifelong learning are preferred.

  3. Interviews. Individuals considered for an appointment are invited to Rochester, Minnesota, for an in-person interview sometime in October-November.
  4. Acceptance. Candidates will receive appointment notifications by the end of November.