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Tuition and Financial Aid

A Mayo Clinic pharmacy technician filling a prescription

Tuition and fees

Tuition is not required for students in the Pharmacy Technician Program. All admitted students will automatically receive the Mayo Clinic Workforce Development Scholarship, which covers the full cost of tuition. As long as students remain in good standing, they will receive this scholarship for the full duration of the program.

About the Mayo Clinic Workforce Development Scholarship

All programs within Mayo Clinic School of Health Sciences are offered to help support and develop the staffing needs at Mayo Clinic. The Mayo Clinic Workforce Development Scholarship provides students tuition-free access to specific educational programs that lead to health care careers where qualified candidates are needed and current job openings are in high demand.

Program costs

Item Cost
Tuition $0
Background check $68
Immunization course $60
Pharmacy technician certification exam $129
Other books, supplies, and uniforms (estimated) $200
Total estimated program costs* $457

*Program tuition rates, fees, and related expenses are subject to change. These estimated expenses represent a good faith effort to disclose true costs of attendance.

In addition to these mandatory expenses, students participating in select Mayo Clinic locations** will be required to pay the applicable board of pharmacy registration or licensure fee. These locations include:

  • Minnesota Board of Pharmacy registration: $60
  • Arizona State Board of Pharmacy licensure: $60
  • Wisconsin Board of Pharmacy registration: $30

**Students participating in Florida will not be required to register with the board of pharmacy due to current state regulations for students and/or trainees.


The Pharmacy Technician program provides a competitive stipend to all admitted students in the amount of $3,500. The stipend will be paid to you in biweekly installments over the course of the final eight weeks.

Living expenses

Students are responsible for providing their own living accommodations. Living expenses such as transportation, housing, and meals are not paid to the school.

Withdrawal and tuition refund

Students who find it necessary to withdraw from the program may be eligible to receive a refund of tuition depending upon the date of withdrawal. See the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and Science withdrawal and tuition refund policy