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Physical or Occupational Therapy Internship (Florida)

Program overview

Duration: 8-12 weeks
Class size: 20 students a year
Location: Jacksonville, Florida

This internship provides the high-quality clinical experiences you need to become a competent therapist in areas such as acute care and outpatient rehabilitation services.

To participate in the internship, you must be enrolled in a physical or occupational therapy program at one of these affiliated academic institutions:

Admission to the internship is prearranged by the academic coordinator from your college or university.

How to apply

Your application and all supporting documentation must be received at least 60 days prior to the start of the internship.

Contact your school's academic clinical education coordinator or director of clinical education to arrange to participate in the internship. As a reminder, you must be enrolled in a physical or occupational therapy program at one of our affiliated academic institutions.

Once your participation is approved by both your academic clinical education coordinator and the Physical or Occupational Therapy Internship director, you will receive a packet of materials to be completed and returned to Mayo Clinic School of Health Sciences.


Mayo Clinic offers physical or occupational therapy internship experience in:

  • Inpatient acute care
  • Outpatient care

You gain experience in treating patients with special therapy needs, which may include:

  • Rehabilitation of musculoskeletal disorders
  • Rehabilitation of neurological conditions
  • Sports medicine and rehabilitation
  • Stroke rehabilitation
  • Vestibular rehabilitation
  • Transplant rehabilitation
  • Hand therapy
  • Oncology rehabilitation
  • Pain rehabilitation

Internships vary between eight and 12 weeks, depending on the academic program's requirements.


During your internship, your learning schedule is usually 40 hours a week and might include additional projects, patient activities and homework.

Tuition and financial aid

Tuition rates are determined by and paid to the college or university at which you are enrolled. Mayo Clinic charges no additional fees.

You are responsible for your living accommodations and transportation.

You may hold outside employment during the internship if it does not conflict with your educational responsibilities.