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Diversity and Global Health

The Neurology Department at Mayo Clinic’s campus in Arizona values and promotes diversity in Neurology and patient care. In particular, Dr. Cumara O’Carroll and Dr. Alyx Porter (ElevateMeD) have been champions for improving equity, diversity, and inclusion in medicine amongst both healthcare providers and underserved patient populations. 

Neurology residents frequently attend clinics at The Neighborhood Christian Clinic and Wesley Clinic, providing longitudinal neurological care to underserved communities. Additional opportunities to participate in neurology electives in the Navajo Nation (Winslow Clinic) or Global Health are also available.
You also rotate through the Arizona State University Student Clinic where you help run a general neurology clinic with Dr. VanderPluym. 

You can participate in elective rotations in underserved international communities through the Mayo International Health Program.

Words from a resident

Marcus Callister, M.D."It was a privilege to spend the last month of my neurology residency working with the staff at Winslow Indian Health Care Center (WIHCC). Highlights include applying my neurology residency training in a different community setting, identifying areas to improve, and experiencing the challenges and needs of rural medical care. 

Before spending a month in Winslow, I had only a vague idea of the challenges of rural medical care. Seeing it first-hand was eye-opening and humbling. Poverty, substance abuse, domestic violence, and low health literacy were important to screen for at each visit, and it was inspiring to see the WIHCC clinic staff working to provide resources to those in need.

Residency is the time to build a foundation of knowledge and skills in patient care, and spending a month at WIHCC was highly valuable for testing out my foundation, finding areas to improve, and expanding my view of healthcare drivers and needs in my own backyard. In many ways, I consider the rotation a capstone clinical experience for my neurology residency and would highly recommend it to all interested residents."

Marcus Callister, M.D.