Michael E. Christiansen, M.D.

Michael E. Christiansen, M.D. What attracted you to medicine and neurology?

The patients in neurology come to us with a wide variety of symptoms encompassing diseases that can be both fascinating and mysterious. The critical thinking and problem-solving required to diagnose and manage these diseases make the work challenging, but also rewarding.

Neurologic diseases impact us at fundamental levels that are very obvious to patients, such as movement, speech, or language, among others. When you can help understand and fix these kinds of problems, it is gratifying both intellectually and as a care provider. 

What attracted you to Mayo Clinic for residency training?

The culture of Mayo Clinic makes for a great place to train. The combination of academic excellence and collegiality I think is unmatched. 

What makes Mayo Clinic's Adult Neurology Residency in Arizona unique?

There is a tremendous amount of depth to our specialists' expertise and practice. As a resident, this means you have access to faculty and patients that cover all types of cases, from common to rare. Mayo is also a leader in practicing current evidence-based medicine and expanding the frontiers of the field. 

What is living in Arizona (Phoenix area) like for you?

The Phoenix metro area is a large urban center with something for everyone. I especially appreciate the outdoor activities. Even in the summer it is a quick escape to get to higher elevation and cooler temperatures.

What does your future look like right now?

As a PGY-4 resident, I am currently exploring all the different aspects of neurology. Research opportunities are ubiquitous and every day I learn something new about the field.