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Department and Faculty

Mayo Clinic Medical Psychology Fellowship faculty members discussing a case.

The Department of Psychiatry and Psychology at Mayo Clinic is one of the largest psychiatric and psychological treatment groups in the United States, with more than 80 psychiatrists and psychologists representing every aspect of psychosocial care. The department cares for both adults and children and provides inpatient and outpatient services.

Most patients are treated on an outpatient basis, but the department conducts several inpatient programs within its 107-bed Mayo Clinic Psychiatric Hospital.


The specialty practice associate program directors are:

All Medical Psychology Fellowship faculty are board-certified or board-eligible with the American Board of Professional Psychology (ABPP). Our faculty includes:

  • Eight ABPP diplomates in Clinical Child Psychology
  • Nine ABPP diplomates in Clinical Health Psychology
  • One ABPP diplomate in Behavioral Psychology
  • One ABPP diplomate in Clinical Psychology
  • Eleven ABPP diplomates in Clinical Neuropsychology
  • One ABPP diplomate in Rehabilitation Psychology

The fellowship training committee in the Department of Psychiatry and Psychology provides both structure and guidance to ensure your fellowship experience meets your expectations.

Specialty training is primarily supervised by psychologists. However, clinical, research, and scholarly projects also typically involve multidisciplinary treatment teams composed of physicians, nurses, chaplains, biostatisticians, and allied health professionals. Additional supervision may be provided by faculty psychiatrists in the department.

Advisers and mentors

Your specialty program director serves as your adviser and can provide comprehensive educational advice and connect you with resources as needed for personal support. The specialty program director assures your training goals are achieved, coordinates rotations, coordinates the involvement of supervisors, and serves as a representative of the specialty program on the Medical Psychology Fellowship Training Committee.

In addition, mentors in your area of interest are provided for clinical and research activities.