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Marian Hall Alumni Memorabilia Room

What happens to all the items, books, and other memorabilia we have accumulated over the years? The answer lies with Mayo’s Historical Suite in the Plummer Building.

The books, papers, photos, etc., will be reviewed by the archival staff and cataloged into Mayo’s archival database. The books may be added to the History of Medicine Library collection versus being stored in the archives.

The items will be accessible internally to Mayo staff and externally to the general public. The catalog is available online via MAX (Mayo Archives Xplorer) on the left side of this page. Individuals may schedule an appointment to review materials Monday through Friday in the research space in the Plummer Building. Depending on the request, we can scan photos or documents and email them to the requestor.

The main contact person is Renee Ziemer, Coordinator, W. Bruce Fye Center for the History of Medicine and Mayo Clinic Historical Suite (507-284-2585, Mayo Clinic, 200 First Street SW, Rochester, MN 55905). Other contact persons are Karen Koka or Nicole Babcock in the Historical Suite.

DVDs and books

Student information

Student information can be obtained through the Mayo Clinic Historical Suite, Plummer Building, 3rd Floor, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN  55905. Phone: 507-284-0272

School transcripts for Saint Marys School of Nursing alumni are available by submitting your request by email to There is no fee for transcripts.

Your request must include:

  • Your current name and maiden name
  • Year of graduation
  • Number of transcripts needed
  • Any forms that need to be completed as part of your request
  • Address where the transcripts should be sent
  • Date you need the transcripts