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Assurance Argument and Teams

Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and Science (MCCMS) initially "made its case" for continued accreditation by writing and submitting an assurance argument. The purpose of the assurance argument was to demonstrate, with evidence, that MCCMS meets the five criteria for accreditation set forth by the Higher Learning Commission.

MCCMS' assurance argument was composed by six teams from across the campuses and schools. They incorporated broad input from deans, associate deans, faculty, allied health staff, education administrators, finance personnel, and students.

Teams were:

  • MCCMS HLC Executive Steering Group
  • Criterion 1 Subgroup — Mission
  • Criterion 2 Subgroup — Integrity: Ethical & Responsible Conduct
  • Criterion 3 Subgroup — Teaching & Learning: Quality, Resourcing and Support
  • Criterion 4 Subgroup — Teaching & Learning: Evaluation and Improvement
  • Criterion 5 Subgroup — Resources, Planning & Institutional Effectiveness
  • Federal Compliance Subgroup