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Advising and Tutoring

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Academic Learning Specialists 

Academic Learning Specialists are available in a number of ways. Individual, small group, and workshop sessions are available and are offered at all locations. Currently, our team is working virtually to provide support across the enterprise.

If you are seeking support, you will work with an Academic Learning Specialist to identify needs and establish individualized short-term and long-term action plans that promote your academic, personal, and professional accomplishment.

If it becomes clear that you may benefit from additional resources, we partner with other colleagues in the Office of Wellness and Academic Support — Care Resource ManagersMental Health Counselors, and Disability and Accommodations Resource Specialists — to provide seamless transitions for further support.

Tutoring services

Tutoring services are free to learners enrolled in courses in Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and Science. Peer tutors are available in a variety of content areas, with some exclusions. The tutoring program is designed to allow a peer teaching and learning relationship in a structured and supervised educational context, where the primary goal is to promote independence in learning.

If you are interested, complete an online request form to be appropriately matched with a tutor. Our tutors are selected, hired, and trained before working with learners. For additional information regarding tutoring services, please contact

Tutoring services: Frequently asked questions (and answers)

What tutoring services are available?

Peer tutors are available in a variety of content areas for programs, classes, board exams, etc. The most common content areas include anatomy, biochemistry/molecular biology, brain and nervous system, histology, microbiology, USMLE Step 1, writing, etc. Tutors are available in a number of additional content areas as well. Please note, tutors are not available for MCAT exams.

What are the requirements for requesting a tutor?

Approval is not required to submit a tutor request; you may submit a request at any time.

How do I request a tutor? What happens after I submit a request for a tutor?

You may submit a request by completing the online form. This form allows you to indicate individualized needs, including requesting a specific tutor. Once you submit a request for a tutor, you will receive an automatic email confirmation. Tutor requests are received by the Office of Wellness and Academic Support and requests are filled in the order they are received.

Who are the tutors?

Peer tutors may include graduate students, medical students, or other advanced learners. Tutors must be in good academic standing and demonstrate expertise in specific content areas.

How often may I meet with a tutor?

Arrangements such as time and location of tutoring are made between tutors and learners. You will work with your tutor to determine a schedule.

How much does tutoring cost?

Tutoring costs are covered by Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and Science.

What options are available for tutoring?

Tutors may work one-on-one with a learner or with a group of learners, depending on the preferences of the individual tutors and learners. Virtual tutoring services may also be provided.

How do I become a tutor?

If you are interested in becoming a tutor, please contact As a tutor, you must demonstrate expertise in the content area you tutor, be in good academic standing, complete all hiring requirements as defined by Human Resources before compensation can be provided, and complete an orientation session prior to the first tutoring session.

Contact an Academic Learning Specialist

Appointments are available for learners on all sites. If you are a learner looking for support in one of these commonly requested areas, our Academic Learning Specialists are here to provide assistance.

  • Learning strategies
  • Time management strategies
  • Test taking strategies
  • Board exam preparation

Unsure of what service you need?

Contact our Care Resource Managers for help finding services.

To schedule an appointment

visit our intranet site