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Nuclear Medicine Technology Program graduates: Where are they now?

Advancement opportunities for nuclear medicine technologists

There are many ways you can advance within nuclear medicine. With additional training and experience, a nuclear medicine technologist could become a lead technologist, a research technologist, a radiochemist, and more. They could also move into a management, sales, medical physics, or an educational role. The possibilities for career progression are vast within Nuclear Medicine.

Technologists can also earn specialty certificates to increase opportunities for advancement such as in positron emission tomography.

Positron Emission Tomography Program

Mayo Clinic School of Health Sciences offers a 20-week program Positron Emission Tomography (PET) Program at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota to those who graduate from the Nuclear Medicine Technology Program and are interested in specializing in PET. PET is a specialty modality of nuclear medicine that is used for diagnosis, staging, restaging, and evaluation of treatment response in patients with malignant disease and metastasis. It is also used for cardiovascular and neurological evaluation.