Pharmacy technician training at Mayo Clinic

Redefining the role of pharmacy technicians

Pharmacy technicians play a vital role within the health care delivery system. With increased responsibilities and numerous advancement opportunities, this role has grown into an attractive and rewarding life-long career.

Choosing Mayo Clinic: Valuable, accessible, and flexible

As a pharmacy technician trainee at Mayo Clinic, you'll train to work side-by-side with pharmacists and other health care professionals to obtain, prepare, and distribute medications and pharmaceutical products in a variety of contemporary pharmacy settings. Beyond this, career advancement opportunities are continually expanding to include new areas of specialization, including compounding, purchasing, pediatrics, oncology, and research.

Mayo Clinic School of Health Sciences offers a comprehensive Pharmacy Technician Program where in just 20 weeks you'll graduate feeling prepared and confident. Our integrated approach to collaborative education combined with our world-class resources provides an unparalleled education.

This program is designed to be valuable, accessible, and flexible for all students. It focuses solely on the skills needed as a pharmacy technician, making it one of the most affordable programs in the area. With online learning mixed with in-person simulation coursework and rotations, the flexible and accessible learning environment allows for a better fit with your schedule and aspirations.

The ultimate goal is to prepare you for a potential career at Mayo Clinic or Mayo Clinic Health System; however, the skills acquired in this program can be translated into any contemporary practice setting including community hospitals, retail, or specialized pharmacy services.

Pharmacy technician handling medications in protective gear

Tuition and fees

Mayo Clinic Workforce Development Scholarships

Mayo Clinic prides itself on teamwork and relies on the understanding that all members of our organization contribute to the efficient delivery of the unparalleled patient care for which we are known. Students who apply for and are admitted to the Pharmacy Technician program will receive the Mayo Clinic Workforce Development Scholarship. This scholarship covers the full cost of tuition.

These awards support students who take the first important step toward completion of an academic program in areas that represent critical workforce needs for our organization and that will prepare them for potential employment with Mayo Clinic or another health care organization.

Participating students will be required to pay for other mandatory expenses, including:

  • Background check: $68
  • Pharmacy technician certification exam: $129
  • Other books, supplies, and uniforms: $200 (approximate)

In addition to these mandatory expenses, students participating in select Mayo Clinic locations* will be required to pay the applicable board of pharmacy registration or licensure fee. These locations include:

  • Minnesota Board of Pharmacy registration: $50.00
  • Arizona State Board of Pharmacy licensure: $60.00

*Students participating in Florida and Wisconsin will not be required to register with the board of pharmacy due to current state regulations for students and/or trainees.

These estimated expenses represent a good faith effort to disclose true costs of attendance.

Living expenses

Living expenses such as transportation, housing, and meals are the responsibility of the student.