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Clinical training

The clinical component of the Autoimmune Neurology Fellowship at Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida, involves the evaluation and management of patients with central nervous system autoimmune disorders, interpreting serological studies, and participating in clinical treatment trials. The fellowship is highly flexible.

During the Autoimmune Neurology Clinic, working with a neurology consultant, you will focus on the diagnosis, investigation, and management of autoimmune neurological disorders.

Principal activities will involve:

  • Learning to interpret neurological and oncological correlations of newly recognized profiles of neuronal, muscle, and glial autoantibodies identified in patients' sera and spinal fluid
  • Participation in the further evaluation and therapeutic planning for seropositive patients with a staff neurologist
  • Additional clinical activities in a template custom-tailored to match the career goals of the trainee including frequent rotations in MS clinic, behavioral neurology, epilepsy, movement disorders, neuro-ophthalmology, rheumatology, immunology, and pediatric neurology.

Research training

There will be abundant opportunities for research and for manuscript preparation. As a fellow, we expect you to devote time to research projects and to participate in interdisciplinary conferences at Mayo Clinic and nationally.

The research component of the fellowship includes the use of Mayo Clinic's diagnostic indexing system, training in medical research methodologies, development of research protocols, and the organization and completion of at least one clinical research project. Statistical education and advice is readily available from the Center for Clinical and Translational Research Training.

You will work with chosen mentors among the Autoimmune Neurology faculty on research project(s), develop data collection forms, collect data, analyze data, and submit abstracts and manuscripts. 

There is a formal Clinical and Patient-Oriented Research Training Program in the Mayo Clinic Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences. As a fellow, you may take courses of your choosing within this program to enhance your skills in all aspects of clinical research.

Fellows will actively participate in clinical trials for antibody-mediated diseases.