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Photo of Shane Gillespie, D.O., on an international health rotation

Residents and fellows pursue elective rotations in underserved international communities through the Mayo International Health Program.

Participants stress the lasting and positive impact of their experiences. Serving the needs of the underserved is an important element in training future generations of leaders in academic and clinical medicine.

Mayo International Health Program rotation settings are well-planned and mentored. The program provides up to $3000 in financial support to help defray travel and basic living expenses for those selected to participate.

Experience with the Mayo International Health Program broadens perspective by:

  • Providing valuable hands-on care to underserved patients
  • Promoting awareness of a new culture and experiencing it firsthand
  • Ensuring exposure to the diagnosis and treatment of diseases not usually seen in modern Western medicine
  • Increasing awareness of cost-effective care in a setting of limited resources
  • Improving history and physical examination skills