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Global Health Preparation: Short Courses and Online

Several one- to three-week courses give overviews of cross-cultural health and medical issues and introductions to core tropical medicine topics. They are valuable for understanding the broad range of health interventions employed in global health.

Global Health: Clinical and Community Care

Ron Pust, a professor of family medicine at the University of Arizona in Tucson, Arizona, initiated this course in 1982 and continues to coordinate it. Although taken mostly by medical students contemplating a summer international experience, it is an excellent, interactive approach with a focus on community aspects of majority world health.

Institute for International Medicine (INMED)

INMED offers hybrid courses on topics of international medicine and public health. Each hybrid course is a blend of face-to-face instruction with online learning and is accredited for CME. Class locations and dates vary.

INMED also offers online courses that provide CME credits in international public health, diseases of poverty, disaster medicine arrangement, international HIV medicine, international health leadership and cross-cultural competency. Each course is available online, with 90 days to complete.

USAID Global Health eLearning Center

A long list of thorough online courses and certificates, each designed to take six to nine months. The most commonly accessed courses are HIV Basic Biology, Epidemiology and Prevention; M&E Fundamentals; Malaria; Antenatal Care; Diarrheal Disease; Youth Sexual and Reproductive Health; Family Planning 101; and Mother-to-Child Transmission of HIV.

Faith-based resources

For those with a faith-based connection, additional focused resources include:

Equip International: Missionary Medicine for Physicians

Training consists of detailed presentations of the most common diseases seen in developing nations, emphasizing diagnosis and treatment in resource-constrained settings.

Peeke School of Christian Mission

Dedicated in February 2001, the Peeke School of Christian Mission is the culmination of decades of commitment to missions by King University and in honor of world-changing graduate and missionary to Ecuador, M. Catherine Peeke.