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Application Process


On average, 40-50 Mayo International Health Program scholarships are awarded annually.


Photo of Mayo International Health Program participant performing surgeryMayo International Health Program participants must be current Mayo Clinic residents or fellows who have received approval from their program director.

Residents, fellows, and students in multiple programs are eligible to apply, including:

  • All second-year or higher residents or fellows enrolled in clinical training programs at Mayo Clinic's campuses in Rochester, Minnesota; Phoenix/Scottsdale, Arizona; and Jacksonville, Florida
  • Preclerkship students (must have completed at least one clerkship prior to travel)
  • Mayo Clinic School of Health Sciences students in nurse practitioner, physical therapy, physician assistant, pharmacy, or audiology programs
  • Mayo Clinic Health System La Crosse and Makato Mayo Family Medicine Residency trainees
  • Note: Mayo Clinic residents and fellows who are an international medical graduate are eligible to apply

How to apply

Photo of Mayo International Health Program location

Application materials and instructions are accessible on the Mayo Clinic intranet (must be logged in to the Mayo Clinic network).

Key materials include:

  • Application
  • Budget proposal
  • Well-written personal statemtn
  • Written permission from program director

The Mayo International Health Program committee selects award recipients each spring and fall.

Clinical rotations take place throughout the year and typically last from one to four weeks. Applicants are strongly encouraged to travel for the maximum length of time allowed by their programs.