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Anesthesiology (Arizona)


Students observe and take part in the operating room practice at Mayo Clinic Hospital under the supervision of a Mayo consultant.

Specific goals

  1. Observe most aspects of anesthesia practice, including preoperative assessment, anesthesia administration and postoperative visits.
  2. Become familiar with all types of anesthesia, including cardiac, neurosurgical and outpatient anesthesia.
  3. Observe demonstrations of techniques for general and regional anesthesia.

Activity outline

Students are assigned daily to a particular list of cases supervised by a resident or CRNA and anesthesiologist. Students are expected to attend all teaching conferences and to participate as appropriate. They are given the opportunity (as much as possible) to assist in the administration of anesthesia. Students will be given a mentor during their month rotation and they will discuss goals for the rotation.

Method of evaluation

A performance review is provided.