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Anesthesiology (Florida)


Students spend the clerkship studying anesthesia care at Mayo Clinic Jacksonville. This includes preoperative anesthetic assessment, intraoperative management and postoperative care in the recovery room. Students are exposed to techniques for invasive monitoring and percutaneous line placement, and become familiar with the various aspects of airway management and cardiorespiratory support.

Specific goals

  1. Understand the physiological changes that occur during anesthesia and surgery.
  2. Become familiar with the interpretation of advanced cardiac life support and monitoring systems.
  3. Learn how to determine an optimal anesthetic for a variety of clinical situations.
  4. Learn how to interpret anesthetic and surgical events from anesthetic records.
  5. Demonstrate reasonable facility with anesthetic procedures:
    • Airway management, including orotracheal intubation
    • Initiation and management of intravenous infusions
    • Arterial and central venous pressure monitoring
    • Regional anesthetic techniques
  6. Recognize and respond appropriately to adverse reactions and sequelae of anesthesia.

Activity outline

  1. Perform anesthetic airway and cardiopulmonary examinations before, during and after delivery of anesthesia.
  2. Obtain information from patients and their charts pertinent to the safe conduction of an anesthetic.
  3. Plan, execute and record a general anesthetic on an uncomplicated, elective surgical patient.
  4. Study a basic anesthesiology text, with question and answer sessions daily (Clinical Anesthesiology by Morgan and Mikhail, 2nd edition recommended).
  5. Learn from Mayo Clinic anesthesiology consultants teaching in the O.R.
  6. Attend all anesthesia teaching conferences and journal clubs conducted by members of the anesthesia department and other consultants.

Method of evaluation

Students will be assessed daily on punctuality, maturity, clinical competence, rapport with patients and amount of knowledge. There will be a written examination based on the study of Clinical Anesthesiology by Morgan and Mikhail.