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Emergency Medicine (Florida)


This rotation provides a one-month experience for fourth year medical students at the Mayo Clinic hospital's Emergency Department in Jacksonville, Florida. Mayo Clinic hospital is a Mayo Clinic teaching facility staffed by Mayo physicians. Clinical shifts will provide students exposure to diverse patients population of all ages and acuity of disease. Pre-hospital experience is also provided as a "ride-along" with local EMS. Weekly didactics are mandatory and provide an overview of core emergency medicine knowledge.

Specific goals

  1. To acquire a core fund of knowledge of adult and pediatric emergency medical care
  2. To gain an understanding of pre-hospital medical care by directly observing such care during a ride-along with local EMS providers in Jacksonville, Fla.
  3. To develop an understanding and proficiency in basic emergency medicine procedures

Activity outline

  1. Attendance Requirement: Attendance is mandatory for all clinical and didactic activities. To successfully complete the rotation, any missed clinical or didactic time must be made up on an hour-for-hour basis at the discretion of the rotation director.
  2. Didactic Requirement: The didactic curriculum has been designed to instill a broad overview of emergency medicine core knowledge. Lectures are provided weekly in a classroom and are mandatory. Also, there are weekly questions to be completed as self-directed learning through the online learning system.
  3. Clinical Competence Requirement: Students will gain clinical competency by working in a supervised, patient care environment. Students will evaluate patients independently, develop a differential diagnosis, and execute a treatment plan in coordination with the consultant.
  4. EMS Ride-Along: Although the ride-along experience affords a great opportunity to understand and experience pre-hospital medicine, it is not mandatory. Students desiring not to participate in this activity will work those same hours clinically in the emergency department.

Method of evaluation

Consultant feedback will be provided at the midpoint of the rotation as well as at the end of the rotation. Final evaluations will be generated by the clerkship director and will represent a general consensus of the individual consultant evaluations. The clerkship director will discuss final evaluations with each student.