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Family Medicine, General (Florida)


Students spend this preceptorship in the practice of the Mayo Family Medicine Residency Clinic on the campus of Mayo Clinic hospital. The elective will include evaluation of outpatients under the direct supervision of a Family Medicine resident or consultant. Part of the experience will also involve taking care of Family Medicine patients who are admitted to the Family Medicine inpatient service which is staffed by Family Medicine residents and staff. The Family Medicine Residency sponsors an accredited Sports Medicine Fellowship.

In the Family Medicine Clinic, the students will work with 17 full-time faculty, a chief resident, and 15 residents of the Family Medicine Residency Program. The students may also work with the Sports Medicine Fellow and Attending.

Specific goals

  1. Provide exposure, knowledge and skills in Family Medicine outpatient clinic as well as in the inpatient setting.
  2. Evaluate both healthy and sick patients, and learn basic principles of family medicine and preventive care.
  3. Learn the role of the family physician in caring for the entire family and coordinating their medical care in a variety of settings.
  4. Provide interested students the opportunity to explore Family Medicine as a career choice.

Activity outline

Students will work directly with family medicine residents and faculty. They will see patients in the outpatient clinic, the hospital, and possibly in the emergency room or nursing home. Students will see a wide variety of patients of all ages and with all types of medical problems. Students will share responsibility for care of the patients in the outpatient setting. They will also attend daily inpatient rounds with the resident group and Family Medicine consultants. Students will also attend core curriculum lectures provided by the department.

Students will have the opportunity to participate in minor office procedures.

Other experiences during the rotation may include experience in the sports medicine clinic.

Method of evaluation

A written evaluation of the student's experience is completed at the end of the clerkship by the faculty and residents who have been involved with the students. No formal examinations are given. Grading will be based on pass, marginal pass and fail.