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Internal Medicine, Cardiovascular Diseases (Arizona)


During the cardiovascular diseases clerkship at Mayo Clinic Scottsdale and Mayo Clinic Hospital, the medical student will be supervised by and round with a medical resident on the inpatient service. Both the student and the medical resident will then receive direct supervision from the consultant in Cardiology assigned to the hospital rotation. The medical student will be encouraged to attend cardiac testings and procedures on inpatients (cardiac catheterization, electrophysiological studies, treadmill testing, transthoracic and transesophageal echocardiography).

Specific goals

  1. Become familiar with basic problems in clinical cardiology, from evaluation to problem solving.
  2. Learn how to assess various diagnostic modalities used in cardiology.
  3. Gain experience interviewing, examining patients and assessing electrocardiographic data.

Activity outline

Under the supervision of the assigned medical resident and the cardiology consultant, the medical student will perform clinical evaluations on patients. The cases will be presented to the consultant and the student will participate in making the preliminary assessment and ordering appropriate tests.

Students are encouraged to attend the weekly CPC and cardiovascular conferences, and to explore cardiology references in the Mayo Clinic Scottsdale library. These references include standard texts, journals and conference videotapes. Students may make one informal presentation to the cardiology staff on a topic of their choice during the elective.

Method of evaluation

Evaluation is provided through a written evaluation form.

Per Mayo Clinic institutional policy, faculty and residents/fellows will not complete any outside evaluations. You will be provided with an electronic performance evaluation via Mayo Clinic’s MedHub portal. A final summative evaluation will be sent to you and your school official upon completion of your clerkship.