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Internal Medicine, Cardiovascular Diseases (Florida)


Students attend daily morning report and make rounds with the consultant on the Cardiovascular Diseases Service. They also attend scheduled noon conferences in Internal Medicine. In the afternoon, students work up selected new consultations or admissions at the hospital under the supervision of the residents, the fellow, and the consultant. They are introduced to laboratory studies in cardiovascular diseases, including echocardiography, exercise testing, and radionuclide angiography. Students read all the electrocardiograms and review their interpretations with the staff.


A USMLE Step 2 or COMLEX 2 board score is required to be submitted with your application materials.

Specific goals

  1. Become proficient in understanding cardiac symptoms and cardiac physical findings, and in reading electrocardiograms.
  2. Become conversant in cardiovascular therapeutics.

Activity outline

On the Cardiovascular Diseases Service, students are responsible for evaluating patients, presenting them to the supervising consultant, and following the patients' care.

Method of evaluation

All supervising consultants provide a written description of their students' performance. The program coordinator then writes a single summary letter.