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Neurology (Arizona)


This clerkship takes place at Mayo Clinic Hospital in Phoenix, Ariz. Students are supervised directly by consultants on the hospital service.

Specific goals

  1. Refine skills in conducting neurological examinations.
  2. Learn how to arrive at an anatomic localization of different neurological problems and synthesize differential diagnoses.
  3. Learn how to select the appropriate sequence of laboratory tests and diagnostic procedures.
  4. Learn the utility and limitations of EEG, EMG and other neurological diagnostic tests.
  5. Manage common neurological problems and neurological emergencies.

Activity outline

Students attend rounds with their supervising consultant and perform histories and physical examinations on new admissions and consultations. Opportunities are available to perform neurological procedures, such as lumbar punctures. Students may also request the opportunity to observe the activities of the epilepsy monitoring unit. Students have the opportunity to see neurological emergencies, such as status epilepticus and acute stroke.

Method of evaluation

Consultants and residents who work with students provide written performance evaluations.