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Neurology (Florida)


Students in neurology attend daily morning hospital rounds and see neurologic consultations with the hospital neurology team. Students may spend time at Mayo Clinic Jacksonville seeing neurology consultations with the consultants. They may elect to observe clinical neurophysiology studies, such as EMGs, evoked potential studies, or EEGs.

Specific goals

  1. Enhance knowledge of neurologic diseases.
  2. Become familiar with neurological examinations.

Activity outline

Students participate in daily morning rounds, hospital rounds, and consultant rounds at Mayo Clinic hospital, and may participate in daily consultations at Mayo Clinic Jacksonville. Attendance at weekly neurology/neurosurgery/neuroradiology conferences, weekly neurophysiology conferences and various weekly medical conferences is required. Students also have the opportunity to observe EMG, EEG and other electrophysiological studies, including intraoperative monitoring and reviewing videotapes of clinical neurology case studies.

Method of evaluation

All consultants involved with the clerkship provide written performance evaluations. At the end of each rotation, this information is conveyed to the program director who, in turn, writes a letter regarding student performance. No formal examinations are given.