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Ophthalmology (Minnesota)


This clerkship provides students who are considering ophthalmology as a career with a strong foundation in clinical ophthalmology. Each student will be paired with a senior resident. Duties include emergency evaluation of eye trauma and medical disease, pre- and postsurgical evaluation and care, and routine office ophthalmology. Students are expected to attend all teaching conferences and lectures during the rotation, as well as prepare a short presentation on an ophthalmological topic of their choice.

Specific goals

  1. Increase knowledge in a variety of areas of ophthalmology.
  2. Learn to competently and confidently provide basic ophthalmic care.
  3. Increase ocular examination skills.
  4. Gain further insight into ophthalmology as a career.

Activity outline

The clerkship is four weeks long, consisting of one week on four different surgical services. Students are paired with senior residents in the clinic, hospital and on call. Responsibilities are designed to match each student's abilities in history-taking, clinical examination and patient rapport.

Method of evaluation

Evaluations are completed by each resident and consultant who has had substantial contact with the students. Evaluation criteria include, but are not limited to, knowledge, clinical skills, patient care, ability to perform as a member of a clinical team, enthusiasm for learning and responsibility.