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Otorhinolaryngology (Arizona)


This clerkship takes place at Mayo Clinic Scottsdale and at hospitals in Scottsdale, Arizona. Consultants directly supervise students in both the outpatient clinic and the hospital service.

Specific goals

  1. Gain exposure to the scope of the specialty.
  2. Develop skills in complete head and neck examinations using reflected light, mirrors and hand-held instruments.
  3. Learn to arrive at diagnoses in an orderly way using patient histories, examinations and appropriate laboratory tests.
  4. Become familiar with basic hearing tests, their value and limitations.
  5. Gain exposure in the operating room to the scope of otolaryngology ­ head and neck surgical practice.

Activity outline

In the outpatient clinic students are expected to take histories and perform physical examinations on several patients a day. After reviewing each case with a consultant, students assist in ordering tests and procedures and are present when patients return at the conclusion of the workup.

In the hospital service students attend rounds with their supervising consultant. Opportunities are available to assist with surgical procedures on patients they have evaluated in the clinic. Exposure to the full spectrum of otolaryngology procedures can be expected, including surgery for head and neck cancer; microsurgery and surgery of the ear, nose and paranasal sinus disease; and facial plastic surgery. Time also is spent in the departments of audiology and speech pathology.

Students are not expected to take call, so their evenings are available for independent study.

Method of evaluation

Consultants who work with students provide written performance evaluations.


Mayo Clinic in Arizona offers a five-year Otolaryngology Residency, which provides superior surgical and medical training; and features a unique mentorship/apprenticeship system.