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Pathology (Florida)


Students in pathology spend their rotation in the anatomic and clinical pathology laboratories that support Mayo Clinic hospital. They are exposed to many facets of anatomic and clinical pathology. This includes a variety of gross anatomic pathology and microscopic pathology and occasional autopsy cases, as well as many of the cases encountered in a busy frozen section laboratory.

Specific goals

  1. Develop an understanding of the potential and limitations of various laboratory tests.
  2. Gain exposure to the various technologies used for testing in the clinical laboratories.
  3. Gain a better understanding of disease after having an opportunity for gross and microscopic correlation in a frozen section laboratory.

Activity outline

Students work in a busy frozen section laboratory where they are exposed to a wide variety of common and uncommon surgical specimens. They also have the opportunity to grossly examine these specimens and participate in the selection of areas for frozen section study. Students should gain a better understanding of commonly encountered disease processes through gross anatomic and microscopic correlation of the specimens submitted to the frozen section laboratory. Attendance at certain clinical and pathological conferences presented at Mayo Clinic hospital and Mayo Clinic in Florida is expected.

Method of evaluation

Pathology consultants who work with students submit written performance evaluations.