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Radiation Oncology (Arizona)


The clerkship offers an introduction to radiation oncology, including exposure to proton therapy. The experiences in this clerkship take place primarily on the Mayo Clinic Phoenix campus in the Division of Radiation Oncology.

Specific goals

  1. Become familiar with the field of radiation oncology.
  2. Improve skills in performing an oncologic evaluation.
  3. Order necessary diagnostic tests and procedures for evaluating cancer patients.
  4. Assist in formulating treatment plans for patients following review of pathology, diagnostic imaging, laboratory tests, and physical examination results.
  5. Participate in the radiation therapy treatment planning process.
  6. Participate in the management of patients currently receiving radiation therapy, as well as those who have entered into the follow-up phase of their care.

Activity outline

Students are supervised directly by consultants in radiation oncology. Students actively assist in the assessment and management of radiation oncology patients through all phases of patient care (consultation, simulation, on-treatment management, follow-up, etc.)

Students have the opportunity to assist with and participate in procedures performed in the hospital (e.g., brachytherapy).

Method of evaluation

Consultants who work with students provide formal verbal and written performance evaluations.

Per Mayo Clinic institutional policy, faculty and residents/fellows will not complete any outside evaluations. You will be provided with an electronic performance evaluation via Mayo Clinic’s MedHub portal. A final summative evaluation will be sent to you and your school official upon completion of your clerkship.