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Visiting Medical Student Clerkships

Radiation Oncology (Florida)


During the radiation oncology elective, the students work directly with staff consultants in radiation oncology at Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville and Mayo Clinic hospital. Students become familiar with a variety of malignant diseases during the clerkship and participate in the initial evaluation, treatment planning,management and follow-up care of the patients.

Specific goals

  1. Gain appreciation for the importance of an integrated multidisciplinary approach to the cancer patient.
  2. Participate in all aspects of patient care, including evaluating and examining the patient, ordering necessary diagnostic tests to formulate treatment recommendations, participating in the simulation or localization of radiation therapy fields in the simulator, and assisting in treatment planning.
  3. Observe the treatment planning process.
  4. Improve communication skills with patients and their families in settings ranging from terminal to curable cancers.
  5. Become familiar with the basic concepts of radiation physics, biology and radiation safety.

Activity outline

Students work directly with one of the staff consultants in radiation oncology. They take histories and perform physical examinations on a maximum of two patients per day, and then review the case, laboratory data and X-rays with the radiation oncologist. During the clerkship, students assist the radiation oncologist in developing a treatment program, simulating the radiation fields, and participating in the design of the treatment program.

Students participate in morning conferences in the radiation oncology facility, as well as the weekly multidisciplinary tumor boards at Mayo Clinic hospital. They also participate in any brachytherapy procedures performed at Mayo Clinic hospital. Students are not expected to take call and may use evenings for independent study.

Method of evaluation

Staff members who work with students provide evaluations. Students can achieve a grade of honors by performing outstanding work in patient workups.