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Visiting Medical Student Clerkships

Radiology, Diagnostic (Arizona)


On the first day of the elective, students attend training and orientation and then meet with the Department of Radiology education coordinator to review goals and expectations. A schedule is made (depending on availability) tailored to each student, including possible assignments in chest imaging, body CT, MRI, gastrointestinal radiology, musculoskeletal radiology, ultrasound, breast imaging, interventional radiology, nuclear medicine and neuroradiology.

Students are invited to all radiology conferences. They have the opportunity to be involved in all consults, procedures and clinic. The success and value of this rotation depends on the motivation of the student. Students have access to numerous learning tools, including the department library, the Mayo Clinic e-library and online learning tools.

Specific goals

  1. Observe the workings of a busy clinical department and the role of diagnostic radiologists in the evaluation and treatment of patients
  2. Appreciate the consultative role of the radiologist
  3. Understand fundamentals of radiologic diagnosis and therapy in clinical situations


  1. Discuss value and limitations of common imaging procedures
  2. Understand approach to interpretation of common imaging studies to formulate a differential diagnosis
  3. Select appropriate radiological diagnostic tests for common problems
  4. Understand basic normal anatomic features and variants; radiological anatomy
  5. Learn indications and contraindications for imaging exams
  6. Establish a foundation of understanding the interaction of radiation with biologic systems and radiation safety
  7. Consistently demonstrate professional and ethical behavior
  8. Demonstrate commitment to education
  9. Communicate effectively and display teamwork

Activity outline

Students observe various areas in the Department of Radiology. Duties include attendance at departmental teaching conferences and interaction with staff radiologists, residents and fellows in each area of the department. Some rotations are located at Mayo Clinic Hospital in Phoenix and others are located at the Mayo Clinic Building on Shea Blvd. in Scottsdale.

Students are expected to study texts, journals and teaching file cases in the department library. Students are responsible for a five- to six-minute PowerPoint case presentation at the end of the rotation. This is generally an interesting case seen during the rotation.

Method of evaluation

Because of the nature of the elective, which consists of interaction with a variety of staff during the clerkship, the evaluation is generally only "pass" or "fail."

Course evaluation

Students have the opportunity to give feedback to the Department of Radiology education coordinator at the end of the rotation.