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Surgery, General (Arizona)


This clerkship takes place at the Mayo Clinic campus in Phoenix, Arizona, and at other hospitals in Phoenix. Students are under the direct supervision of consulting surgeons in both the outpatient clinic and the hospitals.

Specific goals

  1. Learn how to conduct appropriate preoperative evaluations of surgical patients.
  2. Gain exposure to intraoperative techniques in general surgery, including (but not limited to) colon and rectal, hepatobiliary, vascular endocrine, and oncology surgery.
  3. Gain a better understanding of the three-dimensional anatomical relationships necessary to perform surgery.
  4. Learn appropriate postoperative care for surgical patients.

Activity outline

In the clinic, students join a surgeon during consultations with patients, assist with preoperative test ordering, and help write preoperative orders. Students also assist with the postoperative patient evaluations.

On the hospital service, students attend daily rounds with the supervising consultant and have opportunities for individual assessment of patients prior to consultant evaluation. Students also participate in the operating room during surgery.

The student is also expected to participate in and attend surgical conferences.

Method of evaluation

Consultants who work with students provide written performance evaluations.