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Surgery, Plastic (Arizona)


This clerkship takes place at Mayo Clinic Hospital in Phoenix, Arizona. Students see patients in the clinic with a consulting physician, make rounds in the hospital, and scrub for surgery. Students are not expected to be on call, so their evenings and weekends are available for independent study.

Specific goals

  1. Become acquainted with surgical principles, sterile techniques and operative techniques.
  2. Learn the principles of basic wound care.
  3. Improve knowledge base as it pertains to plastic, reconstructive, and hand surgery.
  4. Become familiar with the scope of plastic surgery.
  5. Become competent in the examination of hand surgery problems.

Activity outline

Students attend clinics and assist with plastic surgery procedures. They also are responsible for making an oral presentation on a selected topic at the end of the elective.

Method of evaluation

Consultants who work with students provide written performance evaluations.