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Surgery, Plastic (Florida)


Students participate in both the clinical and surgical practice of plastic surgery in a busy adult aesthetic and reconstructive practice. The practice includes cosmetic surgery of the face, body and breasts; postmastectomy breast reconstruction; microsurgery; reconstructive surgery following general, orthopedic, and neurosurgical procedures; skin cancer; and the management of complicated wounds and ulcers.

Specific goals

  1. Understand the wound healing process and wound care techniques.
  2. Learn basic suturing and operative techniques.
  3. Learn how to perform a thorough assessment of plastic surgery aesthetic and reconstructive patients.
  4. Understand the basic principles of common cosmetic and reconstructive surgical procedures.

Activity outline

Students attend hospital rounds at Mayo Clinic hospital and participate in consultations with plastic surgery patients at Mayo Clinic Jacksonville. Students also observe and assist with surgery at Mayo Clinic hospital and at Mayo Clinic Jacksonville.

Method of evaluation

Consultants who work directly with students evaluate them on a daily basis. Students receive formal, face-to-face feedback sessions at the mid-way point and at the end of the clerkship. Learners are evaluated on patient care, medical knowledge, interpersonal skills, professionalism, and systems-based practice. This information is conveyed to the student's home institution. No formal examinations are given at the end of the clerkship.