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How to Apply

A Mayo Clinic phlebotomist technician working with a patient

Enrollment options

We offer three training sites to complete the Phlebotomy Technician Certificate Program:

  • Minnesota campus: This program admits 18-20 new students every 10 weeks. 
  • Florida campus: This program admits 2-4 new students every 10 weeks.
  • Arizona campus: This program admits 2-4 new students every 10 weeks.

Qualified candidates are accepted on a competitive basis for each class. This ensures you receive close one-on-one instruction and a comprehensive educational experience.

Admissions requirements and policies


To be eligible for the Phlebotomy Technician Certificate Program, you must:

  • Provide an official high school transcript or proof of a GED
  • Successfully pass a state and national background check
  • Possess a 2.0 minimum GPA

Candidates are selected based on previous employment, volunteering and customer service experiences, leadership qualities, and representation of personal qualities and skills in a personal interview.

Technical standards

All students in the program must be able to perform the essential functions of the profession and meet the standards of the curriculum. Students seeking exceptions to these standards or reasonable accommodations should contact the program director.

Non-U.S. citizen applicants

Application for admission is open to U.S. workers. Visa sponsorship is not available for this program.

U.S. worker refers to those who are authorized to work in the United States, including:

  1. U.S. citizens
  2. U.S. nationals
  3. Lawful permanent residents
  4. Asylees and refugees

See the Mayo Clinic School of Health Sciences non-U.S. citizen applicant's policy.

Application process

Because we review and accept applications on a rolling basis, you are encouraged to apply early.

2021-2022 application windows and class dates

LocationApplication windowClass datesApply
AZ, FL, and MN  Now through Oct. 1, 2021 Jan. 3 - March 4, 2022 Online application
AZ, FL, and MN Now through Dec. 9, 2021 March 14 - May 13, 2022 Online application
AZ, FL, and MN Now through Feb. 18, 2022 May 23 - July 22, 2022 Online application
AZ, FL, and MN Now through April 29, 2022 Aug. 1 - Sept. 30, 2022 Online application
FL and MN Now through July 8, 2022 Oct. 10 - Dec. 9, 2022 Online application

Note: All supporting documentation must be postmarked by the application window deadline of the class you're applying for.

Application instructions

Complete the following steps to apply:

  1. Create an account to begin the online Application for Admission
    • Select - Mayo Clinic School of Health Sciences
    • Select one of the following:
      • Phlebotomy Technician Certificate Program
      • Phlebotomy Technician Certificate Program (FLA)
      • Phlebotomy Technician Certificate Program (AZ - January 2022)
  2. Complete each section of the application and submit
  3. After submission, view the required Supplemental Items and Documents
    • Upload each required item in the Supplemental Items section
    • Complete the Recommendation Request section

Additional required items

  • Essay is to be 300-500 words and include the following. Upload it in the Supplemental Items section.
    • State what it is about the Phlebotomy Program and the phlebotomy profession that makes you want to participate.
  • Official transcripts from each high school or college that you have attended must be emailed from the institution to or mailed directly to:

Julie Holland
Phlebotomy Technician Certificate Program
Mayo Clinic School of Health Sciences
Stabile Building, Third Floor
200 First St. SW
Rochester, MN 55905

Note: Transcripts must be postmarked by the closing date of the class you’re applying for. They cannot be opened by the applicant first and then sent on.

  • Two letters of recommendation are required and must be completed in the Recommendation Requests section. References should be individuals who are/were an authority figure in your current/previous schooling or place of employment (i.e. supervisor, teacher). Each recommender will receive an email with a link to complete a rating form.

Interview process

The selection committee carefully reviews each application. Individuals considered for the class are interviewed. If you don’t get an interview, you are encouraged to apply again for a future class session.

The phlebotomy program on the Minnesota campus may select up to five alternates per cohort. If the alternates are not granted a seat in the current cohort, they will be guaranteed a seat in the next cohort.

Due to the class size on the Arizona campus and the Florida campus, they will not be utilizing alternates at this time.