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Resident Life

Our residents love all that Mayo Clinic and Jacksonville have to offer. We'll support you both inside and outside of campus and ensure your work/life balance. As a trainee, your physical and mental health is a priority to both Mayo Clinic and our department. 

Wellness initiatives

As a resident, your physical and mental health is a priority. You will have access to several resources to promote well-being, as well as time off clinical duties to attend appointments.

Fitness centers

Trainees exercising in a studioMayo Clinic residents or fellows at our three campuses get discounted membership fees to area gyms.

Residents and fellows have access to exclusive discounts with the YMCA in Jacksonville, Florida, which has several locations.

Coming in 2024, Mayo Clinic will have its own newly built facility on campus.

Groups on campus

Mayo Employee Resource Group (MERG) in FloridaOpportunities to join a variety of groups on campus provide regular social activities and can help enhance your training while connecting with a broad group of peers.

Trainees will have the opportunity to join a Mayo Employee Resource Group (MERG) at any time during their training program. Current MERGs on the Florida campus include groups based on African, Asian, and Latino heritage as well as groups focused on veterans, global health volunteering, professional development, family resources and events, and LGBTI and differently-abled staff and allies. 


Cardiovascular diseases fellow works on a computer at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.The Student Services office provides resources to promote academic, emotional, social, cognitive, financial, and physical well-being. Career and academic services include academic advising, peer tutoring, and accommodations for learners with disabilities or health conditions. Mental health services, counseling, interview practice, and a variety of enrichment sessions on topics like budgeting, resiliency, and stress and burn-out are also available through the Student Services office.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion

At Mayo Clinic, we foster an inclusive working environment and embrace the diversity of all of our residents, faculty, staff, and patients. Our Office for Education Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion offers tremendous resources to support our mission of maintaining a welcoming atmosphere for all of our employees, including our learners. We strive to provide culturally appropriate care and do our part to reduce health care disparities.

Mayo Employee Resource Groups (MERGs) in Jacksonville, Florida

Open to all Mayo Clinic employees, MERGs celebrate, support, and encourage diversity among employees. MERGs are employee-organized groups that form around a common dimension of diversity. Explore the video for more information and learn about groups in Florida.

MERGs in Jacksonville, Florida

MERGs in Jacksonville, Florida

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Life as a resident

Meet our residents and learn about why they chose Mayo Clinic and what life is like for them at work and during their free time.