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Anatomic and Clinical Pathology Pathway (AP/CP)

Five four-week elective blocks in the Anatomic and Clinical Pathology (AP/CP) pathway allow extensive time to develop subspecialty interests, take advantage of unique educational opportunities, and complete research projects.

AP/CP rotations are integrated throughout the four-year curriculum providing residents with continuous exposure to both anatomic pathology and laboratory medicine, facilitating subspecialty decisions and allowing residents to make and maintain relationships with mentors in the department.

Residents gain experience in all aspects of anatomic and clinical pathology, including:

  • General surgical pathology
  • Subspecialty areas of surgical pathology, such as bone and soft tissue, gastrointestinal, hepatobiliary, pulmonary, breast, gynecologic, placental, genitourinary, renal, head and neck, cardiovascular, ophthalmic, neuropathology, endocrine, and dermatopathology
  • Postmortem examinations, including hospital and forensic cases
  • Cytopathology
  • Lab genetics and genomics
  • Hematopathology
  • Coagulation
  • Transfusion medicine
  • Clinical chemistry
  • Microbiology
  • Laboratory management

AP/CP rotation schedule

Review our rotation descriptions to learn more about each rotation.

A typical AP/CP residency rotation schedule includes the following (one block is four weeks):

Year 1

Rotation Blocks
Frozen section lab and general surgical pathology 2 blocks
Organ based cores 4 blocks
Autopsy pathology 2 blocks
Cytology I 1 block
Microbiology 2 blocks
Coagulation 1 block
Informatics 1 block

Year 2

Rotation Blocks
Frozen section lab and general surgical pathology 1 block
Organ based cores 2 blocks
Hematopathology I 2 blocks
Transfusion medicine 3 blocks
Molecular genetics 3 blocks
Clinical chemistry 1 block
Elective 1 block

Year 3

Rotation Blocks
Transfusion medicine 1 block
Autopsy 2 blocks
Clinical chemistry 2 blocks
Organ based cores 2 blocks
Hematopathology II 2 blocks
Cytology II 1 block
Frozen section lab and general surgery pathology 1 block
Lymph node pathology 1 block
Elective 1 block

Year 4

Rotation Blocks
Organ based cores 6 blocks
Cytology III 1 block
Frozen section lab fellow 1 block
Mayo Clinic Internal Consultant 1 block
Elective 4 blocks

Total rotations

AP/CP total rotations Blocks
AP organ based cores 14 blocks
Frozen section lab/Frozen section fellow 5 blocks
Autopsy 4 blocks
Hematopathology 4 blocks
Transfusion medicine 4 blocks
Clinical chemistry 3 blocks
Cytology 3 blocks
Laboratory genetics 3 blocks
Microbiology 2 blocks
Coagulation lab 1 block
Informatics 1 block
Lymph node 1 block
Mayo Clinic internal consultant 1 block
Electives 6 blocks
Total: 52 blocks

Organ based cores

Pathology organ based cores # of blocks
Bone and soft tissues 1 block
Breast/biomarkers 2 blocks
Dermatopathology 1 block
GI/liver 2 blocks
Genitourinary 2 blocks
Gynecologic/placenta 2 blocks
Head/neck and endocrine 1 block
Medical kidney 1 block
Thoracic 1 block
Total organ based blocks: 14

Note: Cardiovascular is embedded into the final block(s) of autopsy.