Program description

The four-year Diagnostic Radiology Residency at Mayo Clinic's campus in Phoenix/Scottsdale, Arizona, provides clinical training in a dynamic department where faculty members are passionate and recognized for teaching. As a resident, you learn radiology working side by side with outstanding clinicians, allied health staff, and management professionals.

In addition to Mayo Clinic's favorable faculty ratio and solid academic instruction, state-of-the-art equipment and facilities, and tremendous educational resources, many unique aspects of the program are designed to prepare you for a career in academic radiology or private practice.

Special features of the program include hands-on ''business of radiology'' training achieved via integration of each resident into an operational team focused on delivering high-quality subspecialized care with monitoring of financial and productivity metrics. Our emphasis on education over service ensures that you have the finest teaching and the broadest patient care experience possible during your residency.

A specially designed curriculum and thorough conference schedule ensure that you are amply prepared for board examinations. In addition, ample elective time is allowed in the fourth year of training to pursue specific clinical and research interests.

Up to two individuals in each class (50 percent of the class of four residents) can opt to complete their interventional radiology training within Mayo Clinic's Arizona campus, since we will have an Interventional Radiology Independent Residency beginning in July 2020, and our program offers Early Specialization in Interventional Radiology (ESIR) during the R-4 year.

The Interventional Radiology Independent Residency will prioritize internal candidates for advanced placement into the program, which enables individuals interested in pursuing additional certification in interventional radiology to accomplish this with just one extra year of training after finishing the Diagnostic Radiology Residency. Our emphasis on education ensures that you have the finest teaching and broadest patient care experience possible during your residency.

After successfully completing the program, you will have become a highly qualified radiologist ready for the demands of a subspecialty fellowship, private practice, or academic practice. In accordance with requirements submitted by the American Board of Radiology (ABR) for board eligibility, Mayo Clinic requires successful completion of a clinical year prior to commencing its four-year Diagnostic Radiology Residency. The program gives applicants full flexibility in choosing the location and focus of that clinical year.

All applicants to this program apply through the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS). All prospective applicants match for a residency position at Mayo Clinic through the National Resident Matching Program (NRMP). No appointments are made outside the NRMP.


The program is accredited by the Residency Review Committee (RRC) for Diagnostic Radiology of the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME). This residency also has been designated by the RRC as qualified to offer Early Specialization in Interventional Radiology (ESIR) training.


You are required to pass your diagnostic radiology core exam in your third year of training. As a residency graduate, you are then eligible to take the diagnostic radiology certifying exam offered by the American Board of Radiology approximately 15 months after completion of your training.

Program history

Mayo Clinic's Department of Radiology in Arizona has extensive experience in radiology education, previously training nine radiology fellows a year in the Advanced Radiology Fellowship, which began in 2000. Development of the Diagnostic Radiology Residency, which began in 2014, was an initiative to allow for a more integrated training experience.

Going forward, the number of fellowship spots has been reduced to align with the four resident positions offered each year. Residents at Mayo Clinic's campus in Arizona are not required to do fellowship training in the department, but the opportunity to integrate the residency and fellowship training years is available to those who are interested.

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