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Gastroenterology Fellowship (Minnesota)


Gastroenterology Fellowship Director Laura Raffals, M.D., and Associate Program Director Douglas Simonetto, M.D.

Program description

At Mayo Clinic, respected and accomplished physicians and surgeons from the areas of gastroenterology, endoscopy, surgery, radiology, and oncology work together to provide the best possible care.

Specialists at Mayo Clinic use the most advanced diagnostic and therapeutic tools to ensure the best outcomes for patients. Thousands of diagnostic and therapeutic gastrointestinal procedures are performed annually using state-of-the-art technology. Mayo Clinic has a staff of 80 gastroenterologists who serve as teachers and mentors. Their various backgrounds form a rich diversity of clinical expertise and research opportunities.

As a trainee in the Gastroenterology Fellowship, you have access to a training experience that is broad, highly specialized, and offers:

  • Comprehensive, advanced training in gastroenterology and hepatology
  • The opportunity to acquire skills in patient diagnosis and management
  • The opportunity to acquire skills in clinical, bench, translational, and outcomes research
  • An academic skills lecture series, including instruction on issues such as how to write a paper, review a talk, give a presentation, prepare a research protocol, and write a grant proposal, as well as practical instruction in and application of procedural techniques, teaching, and research
  • curriculum thoughtfully designed to balance clinical, didactic and investigative experiences
  • Two program tracks: Clinical Scholar Track and National Institutes of Health (NIH)-Sponsored Track
  • The opportunity to take master's-level classes through the Center for Clinical and Translational Science (CCaTS)


The Gastroenterology Fellowship is fully accredited by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME).

Program history

The Gastroenterology Fellowship at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, began in 1974. Since then, approximately 270 fellows have completed training. Going forward, seven fellows are expected to complete the fellowship annually.

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