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Fellow Life

Gastroenterology fellow does yoga outside in Rochester, Minnesota.

Work-life balance is highly influenced by the nature of the people with whom you work. Mayo Clinic has more than 1,900 residents, fellows, medical, and postgraduate students in Rochester, Minnesota. Over 90 percent of trainees are moving to Rochester from elsewhere and all are looking for friends and people with whom they want to spend time. Numerous activities are organized to allow kindred spirits to find each other.

Many trainees at Mayo Clinic choose to purchase a home here because the cost of living is relatively low. Approximately 30 percent of trainees are single, 30 percent are involved in a serious relationship, and 40 percent are married. Approximately 25 percent of trainees have children. All have been selected because of the richness they will add to the community and their ability to bring out the best in those around them. It is no surprise that trainees develop some of their closest friendships with one another.

Wellness initiatives

As a fellow, your physical and mental health is a priority to both Mayo Clinic and the department. You'll have access to several resources to promote well-being, as well as time off clinical duties to attend appointments. Learn more about life as a Gastroenterology Fellow at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.

Dan Abraham Healthy Living Center

Trainees taking a yoga class at the Dan Abraham Healthy Living Center at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.Trainees have access to the Dan Abraham Healthy Living Center (DAHLC), which is located on both Mayo Clinic campuses (downtown and Saint Marys) in Rochester, Minnesota. This state-of-the-art fitness facility offers basic classes (including free weights, stretching, cardio, and more), drop-in classes, evaluation services, group training, virtual personal training, and virtual wellness coaching.

Membership to the DAHLC is available at a low cost to trainees and their families through payroll deduction.

Groups on campus

Several groups on campus help you connect with other fellows and their families, such as the Mayo Fellows Association, the Mayo Families' Connection, and Mayo Employee Resource Groups.Several groups on campus help you connect with other fellows and their families, such as the Mayo Fellows Association, the Mayo Families' Connection, and Mayo Employee Resource Groups. These groups help enhance your training by providing and organizing wellness initiatives and social activities.

Workshops for spouses and significant others are also available.


Cardiovascular diseases fellow works on a computer at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.The Student Services office provides resources to promote academic, emotional, social, cognitive, financial, and physical well-being. Career and academic services include academic advising, peer tutoring, and accommodations for learners with disabilities or health conditions. Mental health services, counseling, interview practice, and a variety of enrichment sessions on topics like budgeting, resiliency, and stress and burn-out are also available through the Student Services office.

Opportunities for loved ones

We realize that for many fellows a move to Rochester, Minnesota, is highly dependent on the ability to secure employment for someone close to them. Mayo Clinic is committed to helping your spouse and/or significant other find employment prior to your move to Rochester. This program, referred to as Accompanying Talent, is available to all matched trainees and has contacts with employers in Rochester, the surrounding area, and Minneapolis/St. Paul.

Rochester is a growing city with a population exceeding 100,000. Mayo Clinic is one of the top employers in the region and other major employers include IBM, the Rochester school system, and the local hotel and restaurant industry. We offer opportunities for your spouse or significant other to connect with opportunities at Mayo Clinic as well as with external companies. Personalized support is available, including:

  • Career counseling
  • Resume writing and interviewing workshops
  • Mock interviews
  • Invitation-only networking
  • Informational interviews or job observations

Additionally, there are several institutions of higher learning in the area, as well as both public and private school systems that serve K-12.

The cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, which comprise a major metropolitan area, are within 80 minutes by car. Mayo maintains an informal network of significant others and family members in the various arenas noted above to assist and guide new members to our community. 

Mayo Fellows Association (MFA)

The Mayo Fellows Association (MFA) offers a peer and social support network for residents and fellows and their families with social events, athletics, and advocacy. The MFA also holds an annual resident and fellow appreciation event open to all trainees with complimentary massages, stress-reducing activities, and social support. 

Life in Rochester

For a relatively small city, Rochester offers a surprising breadth of cultural, recreational, and educational activities. Our fellows love the small town safety and conveniences paired with the big city entertainment and diverse restaurants. With live concerts, craft breweries, and over 3,500 acres of parks and trails, it's never hard to find something to do.

Learn more about our community and what our fellows love about living here:

  • Food and drinks. Many of our fellows enjoy shopping at the Saturday morning Farmer's Market, spending their free time at one of our many local breweries, or enjoy getting dinner together at one of our local diverse restaurants.
  • Music, theatre, and art. Our fellows enjoy live music at Down by the Riverside, Harmony for Mayo, Rochester Symphony, and the Choral Arts Ensemble. The Rochester Civic Theatre Company, Commonweal Theatre Company, and the Rochester Repertory Theatre all offer wonderful live theatre productions, and the Rochester Art Center offers both museum and education opportunities. 
  • Recreation. Our fellows often cite the extensive biking and hiking trails as one of the best things Rochester has to offer. 
  • Volunteer opportunities. Many of our fellows choose to spend some of their free time volunteering. Two local opportunities for volunteer work include the Salvation Army free clinic and the Paws and Claws Humane Society.
Video: Living in Rochester, Minnesota


Video: Living in Rochester, Minnesota