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Discover the M.D. Program at Mayo Clinic Alix School of Medicine

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M.D. Program overview

Mayo Clinic is leading the way in the rapidly changing health care landscape. As a medical student, you'll contribute to this change immediately upon stepping foot on campus and throughout your medical school journey. Whether your passion is making a difference in the lives of patients on a daily basis, contributing to cutting-edge research, or traveling the world to give hope and healing to those who need it, you'll join in the mission to put the needs of patients first.

At Mayo Clinic Alix School of Medicine, you'll find community in a diverse group of classmates, and learn from world-class faculty that will inspire you to further commit to your calling. As a national medical school, with campus locations in Rochester, Minnesota; Scottsdale/Phoenix, Arizona; and Jacksonville, Florida, you're encouraged to explore endless opportunities and take advantage of our unique resources and curriculum.

Our medical students are the health care leaders of tomorrow and we know you'll leave our M.D. Program ready to devote yourself to patient care, advancing medicine, and redefining health care.

"I can be the kind of physician I want to be"


"I can be the kind of physician I want to be"

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A national presence

With three training locations, our M.D. Program gives students the opportunity to learn at each Mayo Clinic campus for a truly unique and customized educational experience.

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Why do students choose Mayo Clinic?

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Learn in a structured yet flexible curriculum

"A place that cares about patients differently"


"A place that cares about patients differently"

Selectives also allow for travel and using the knowledge and skills learned in class, beyond the classroom.

Be part of a diverse, passionate class

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Faculty with a mentoring mindset