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M.D. Program

Class Profile

About the incoming 2020 class

Students come to Mayo Clinic Alix School of Medicine to pursue an M.D. degree with many different backgrounds, interests, and plans for the future.

2020 admissions and acceptance statistics

The students that make up the M.D. Program are proven leaders in their fields and communities, passionate about medicine and making a difference, and have a variety of personal interests beyond their career.

The 2020 acceptance rate for incoming medical students at Mayo Clinic Alix School of Medicine was 2%. More than 6,000 applications were received and of those, 174 students were offered acceptance. Mayo Clinic Alix School of Medicine enrolls approximately 50 students on the Minnesota campus and 50 students on the Arizona campus.

2020 admissions statistics for the M.D. Program

  • Applications received: 6,047
  • Applicants interviewed: 744
  • Acceptances issued: 174

Class of 2024

  • Arizona 4-year track: 45 students
  • Arizona/Florida 2+2 track: 6 students
  • Total Arizona class: 51 students
  • Minnesota 4-year track: 40 students
  • Minnesota/Florida 2+2 track: 6 students
  • Minnesota M.D.-Ph.D. program: 8 students
  • Total Minnesota class: 54 students
"Diversity matters here"


"Diversity matters here"