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Students sitting in a lecture hall during didactic education

Patient-centered and science-driven

The curriculum for students pursuing an M.D. degree at Mayo Clinic Alix School of Medicine is unlike any other. The focus is on patient care and clinical experiences that expand upon classroom learning. In addition, biomedical research will deepen your understanding of medicine.

Mayo Clinic Alix School of Medicine has the highest ratio of patients to medical students anywhere in the world, making a variety of clinical experiences readily available.

"I see teamwork on a daily basis"


"I see teamwork on a daily basis"

Curriculum at a glance

As a student at Mayo Clinic Alix School of Medicine, your curriculum is divided into three phases:


The Pre-Clerkship phase spans the first 18 months of medical school. During this phase, you will study foundational basic sciences and pathophysiology in a series of academic courses we call "blocks."


In the Clerkship phase, you will apply your basic science knowledge from the pre-clerkship phase to the care of patients in a variety of core disciplines.


The Post-Clerkship phase includes a subinternship, several rotations at Mayo Clinic and other external institutions, and courses designed to prepare you for residency, including Transition to Residency and Internship Bootcamp.

Academic enrichments

Woven throughout your curriculum are numerous opportunities to customize your education to meet your individual goals and aspirations. We call these academic enrichment opportunities. 

Mayo Clinic resident at a surgical Olympics event

Confidence in your technical abilities

Technically speaking, graduates are extremely well-prepared for their next steps. Our curriculum prepares you to confidently perform more than 30 specific procedures of technical skill by the time you complete the program.