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Year 1

M.D. Students performing an exam in simulation lab during curriculum rotations.

The first academic year is 51 weeks, which includes 13 weeks of selective opportunities. As a first-year student, your curriculum is designed around experiences. You’ll be exposed to a wide variety of experiences, have the opportunity to design your own learning objectives, as well as establish firm roots in all of the basics.

Basic sciences

The primary academic focus of the first six blocks is on the basic sciences. These blocks revolve around didactic lectures as well as hands-on learning:

  • Basic Principles and Structure — microscopic anatomy (histology), and genetics and biochemistry
  • Human Structure — gross anatomy and radiology
  • Normal Function — pathology and cell biology, and immunology
  • Principles of Disease — microbiology, and pharmacology and therapeutics

Clinical integration: Basic Doctoring

The Basic Doctoring course teaches basic principles of interviewing, taking histories and conducting a physical examination.

Within the first year, you’ll also begin coursework in the science of health care delivery, a four-year curriculum, and earn a certificate in this area upon graduation.