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Year 3

Students practicing patient exams on shoulders

There are 52 weeks in Year 3. The Year 3 curriculum contains seven core clinical clerkships, a three-week intersession of basic science integration and a research experience. Our commitment to improving the public's health is made explicit to rigorously inform the advanced students' learning experiences as they embark on Year 3 clerkships.

Required clerkships

  • Family medicine (six weeks)
  • Internal medicine (six weeks)
  • Neurology (three weeks)
  • Obstetrics and gynecology (six weeks)
  • Pediatrics (six weeks)
  • Psychiatry (three weeks)
  • Surgery (six weeks)

Year 3 intersession

The three-week intersession applies basic science knowledge from earlier years to patient care and continues the Improving the Public's Health theme.

Integrated topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Public health, medical ethics and economics
  • Radiology, musculoskeletal, palliative and preventive medicine
  • Principles of professional conduct
  • "Shock state" workshop at the simulation center
  • Principles of professional conduct
  • Instruction in managing patient confidentiality
  • The role of humanities in medicine
  • Strategies for minimizing medical errors in practice
  • Methods for setting boundaries in patient-physician relationships

During this Year 3 intersession, you’ll also begin planning, with oversight from your adviser, your fourth-year schedule. Together, you’ll develop a Year 4 program that reflects your career goals, individual strengths and educational needs — all informed by the themes of the Mayo Clinic Alix School of Medicine curriculum.

Research experience quarter

The 12-week research requirement introduces third-year students to the principles and practice of biomedical research. Students can explore in-depth an area of interest by working with a faculty member on a research project. The experience complements your career interest and offers critical exposure to scientific research methods.

Additional courses and requirements

  • Safe harbor — professionalism
  • Residency boot camp