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Training Locations

Mayo Clinic campus facilities photos
Mayo Clinic campuses in Rochester, Minnesota; Jacksonville, Florida; and Phoenix/Scottsdale, Arizona

Mayo Clinic Alix School of Medicine is a national medical school that offers unique experiences at three different Mayo Clinic campus locations in Arizona, Florida, and Minnesota. Each campus offers a different personality as well as unique amenities and experiences.

Location enrollment and track options

If invited to complete a secondary application, you will have the opportunity to select and rank up to four campus track options. Applicants have the following track options and can apply to the:

  • Arizona 4-Year Track. The Arizona campus is your home base for all four years.
  • Minnesota 4-Year Track. The Minnesota campus is your home base for all four years.
  • Arizona/Florida Track. You complete preclinical coursework on the Arizona campus and then clinical clerkships on the Florida campus.
  • Minnesota/Florida Track. You complete preclinical coursework on the Minnesota campus and then clinical clerkships on the Florida campus.

Tailored to your preferences

Regardless of which location you call home, our curriculum is built to encourage off-campus experiences in various fields of interests, across a broad spectrum of patient and health populations and practice settings.

From Selectives to electives to core clerkship rotations to various research opportunities and beyond, students have the unique opportunity to choose where they want to complete certain aspects of their curriculum.

Rochester, Minnesota

Up to 50 students are accepted each year to the four-year M.D. Program based in Rochester, Minnesota. Our Rochester campus offers expertise in virtually every medical specialty to patients from around the world.

Scottsdale/Phoenix, Arizona

Up to 50 students are accepted each year to the four-year M.D. Program based in Scottsdale/Phoenix, Arizona. Mayo Clinic's campus in Arizona is renowned for its quality and patient safety, focusing on adult specialty and surgical care in more than 65 medical and surgical disciplines. Students see a diverse patient population and practice in one of the largest metropolitan areas in the country.

Jacksonville, Florida

Up to 12 students are accepted to the Florida campus, where they complete the first two years in either Minnesota or Arizona and the second two years in Jacksonville, Florida.

Mayo Clinic's campus in Florida is recognized as the nation's leading liver transplant program. It is also acclaimed for its leading practices and research in the neurosciences, transplant, and cancer treatment.

Health system and affiliates

Beyond our three campuses, Mayo Clinic Health System includes more than 70 smaller regional practices in Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.

We also have affiliations with other health care organizations near all our campuses, such as Phoenix Children’s Hospital, Maricopa Integrated Health System, Carl T. Hayden Veteran’s Administration, and others for clinical opportunities. All M.D. students are encouraged to explore learning opportunities at any of the campus locations throughout all four years of the M.D. Program.

Campus and community

Learn more about life at the different campuses and communities.