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Vision and Mission

Mayo Clinic M.D. Program students listening to heartbeats with stethoscopes

Mission and vision statement

To provide an outstanding medical education that results in an inspired and diverse workforce of physicians and scientists who are leaders in advancing exemplary, equitable, and affordable clinical care; health care system design; and related innovation. To alleviate human suffering and best serve critical health needs of our broadly diverse and increasingly connected nation and world.

Essential to achievement of this mission is an exceptionally talented, passionate, and diverse faculty and student body who engage with one another, their patients, and communities; have high intellectual and emotional intelligence; uphold the highest ethical standards; possess the ability to lead and inspire; embrace differences in service to humanity; are committed to eradicating health care disparities; and are patient-centered, inclusive, and team-oriented.

Core principles: Lead, transform and heal

Mayo Clinic Alix School of Medicine will:

  • Enroll an outstanding and diverse student body that has a strong foundation in the sciences and a demonstrated commitment to service and continuous learning
  • Attract and sustain an outstanding and diverse faculty who contribute to education scholarship and utilize the best principles of education to optimize students' professional development
  • Provide a learner-centered curriculum that aligns with evolving technological trends and integrates strong basic sciences, ethical principles, professional standards and outstanding clinical training
  • Provide an intellectually stimulating environment where small class size and a large faculty of physicians, scientists and other health professionals unite to promote the scientific and humanitarian practice of medicine

In order to graduate physicians who will:

  • Provide service and demonstrate leadership within health care systems and within the community
  • Serve as leaders of change to improve the health care system and delivery
  • Advance the scientific foundations of medicine through leadership in basic, clinical and translational research
  • Promote the role of the physician as educator-mentor and the importance of lifelong learning
  • Foster resilience and wellness in themselves and others, demonstrating work-life integration and compassionate self-care and care of others
  • Make altruistic career choices based on personal skills without the burden of excessive educational debt
  • Have mastered the knowledge and skills required for diagnosis, patient management, health promotion, disease prevention and high-value health care
  • Respect the importance of the patient as an individual as well as the needs of populations, and consistently practice evidence-based medicine and shared decision-making
  • Work collaboratively within multidisciplinary health care teams
  • Contribute to a diverse and culturally competent workforce
  • Practice both the art and science of medicine, and incorporate the highest ethical principles into their lives and practices