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Resources and Benefits

Mayo Families' Connection

Mayo Families' Connection is an organization that assists the spouses and significant others of Mayo Clinic residents, fellows, research fellows, and medical students in transitioning to Rochester, Minnesota. It holds events and programs and has a variety of interest groups.

Mayo Families' Connection provides information about Rochester housing, schools, child care, higher education, and community activities.

Mayo Clinic Concierge Services has additional resources for information and questions regarding child care.

Workshop for spouses and significant others

Mayo Clinic School of Graduate Medical Education (MCSGME), in collaboration with the Department of Human Resources and Mayo Families' Connection, sponsors the workshop "Makin' the Move: An Introduction to the Rochester Community." This free three-hour workshop for spouses and significant others of residents and fellows gives attendees the opportunity to:

  • Meet other people new to the Rochester area
  • Gather information about the community
  • Discover local activities and opportunities
  • Learn about resources available at Mayo Clinic and within the community to assist you in your search for employment in and around Rochester
  • Network with members from the Mayo Families' Connection

Mayo Fellows' Association

Mayo Fellows' Association (MFA) is your liaison between MCSGME and Mayo Clinic administration. Its leaders understand firsthand the unique perspective and views of residents and fellows and serve as your advocate. At orientation, you'll receive information about the benefits of being a member of MFA and learn how to join.

Academic support and wellness

Mayo Clinic offers academic support and wellness. Our commitment is to provide a vibrant, diverse, and engaging learning environment that supports all learners. The wide range of services include academic advising, career services, and access to mental health clinicians to help you achieve not only your educational goals, but goals in all areas of your life.

Disability and accommodations

If you are a learner who has a disability and may need accommodations to fully participate in orientation and/or educational program activities, please register with Recovery and Claims Services as soon as possible to seek accommodations or support services. Successful accommodation of a trainee’s needs takes time and careful planning. View disability accommodations resources and connect with a Disability Compliance Advisor.

Mayo Employee Resource Groups

Trainees will have the opportunity to join a Mayo Employee Resource Group (MERG) at any time during their training program. A MERG is an employee-organized group that forms around a common dimension of diversity. A MERG group may focus on traditional diversity dimensions such as ethnicity, age, and gender. It may also include such groups as veterans, single/working parents, or the disabled.

Campus and community

Review information on resources about community, housing, parent/family, well-being, sports and recognition, and arts and entertainment.

Loan consolidation: Home, auto, personal

Along with many other financial products and services, such as home mortgages, Mayo Employees Federal Credit Union (MEFCU) offers private student loan consolidation for Mayo Clinic residents, fellows, and physicians.

Summary of benefits

View the benefit highlights for Mayo Clinic School of Graduate Medical Education appointees, the resident and fellow stipend levels, and Trainee Compensation and Benefits: Time Off Plans (PDF)